Executive Branch

Title Name   Term
President Lawrence Jace Killsback Nov 2016 - Nov 2020
Vice President Conrad Fisher Nov 2016 - Nov 2020
Secretary Melissa Lonebear Nov 2016 - Nov 2020
Treasurer Tamara Ontiveros Nov 2016 - Nov 2020
Executive Assistant to President Brandon Woodenlegs Nov 2016 - Nov 2020
Executive Assistant to Vice President Maxine Limberhand Nov 2016 - Nov 2020

Greetings! As your President of our Nation I have began to make important and critical changes with the transition into office. I have established my Executive team, minus my appointment for Treasurer and Secretary, who continue to work tirelessly in helping the Administration manage the daily operations of the Tribal Government


We are improving and exceeding the standards set in our Tribe's policies and procedures. At this time I would like to acknowledge and thank the members of my support staff; Maxine Limberhand and Barbara Spang. I would also like to extend thank you to my Executive Assistant Brandon Woodenlegs. My administrative team has scheduled and staffed numerous important meetings with Tribal Councilmembers, Advisory Boards, State Governments and Federal Agencies.

The Administration has been striving to strengthen our tribal work force as well; in doing so my office hosts Directors Meetings in the Tribal Chambers on a regular basis. Our tribal holiday list has also been reduced to make sure programs are always available to you, the people; as you are our first priority. I always want the membership of our tribe to be able to call me or stop by; even if i can't get to you right away, I will be sure to make time for you, always on the same business day. As I continue to fulfill my campaign on transparency, I invite you all to join our facebook page and look for regular updates.

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