Northern Cheyenne Tribal Education

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Here you can download important financial aid information, download our financial aid applications, read our guidelines, see what programs, scholarships are available and other functions that the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Education department provides.


December 1 - Fall Quarter/Semester
October 1 - Winter/Spring Quarter/Semester
April 1 - Summer School (Seniors needing credits to graduate from college if funding is available)

Students do not depend on someone else to complete your paperwork. Keep copies of all your documents.

Faxed copies of applications and supporting documents will not be accepted. Federal express must be post marked before the deadlines. Remember to print your on-line documents. On-line application documents must be mailed to the Tribal Education office.


| | Completed and submitted Tribal Education application by: (see deadlines above)

| | 6th Semester high school transcript (graduating senior)

| | Official High School/College transcripts/ GED scores

| | One page written educational goals

| | Copies of awards and achievements

| | Three letters of recommendations addressed to the Tribal Education department (new students) no relatives accepted

| | Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood

| | Copy of Admissions form for college(s)

| | Official acceptance letter from college (Due June 30)

| | Proof of filing for financial aid before December 1 - FAFSA/SAR/ISAR/ESAR

| | Needs Analysis due before March 31, for Fall Semester December 1 for Winter/Spring Semester

| | Recommend new and transfer students attend orientation sessions at the college/university

| | Apply for Your User ID and Password to access you Financial Aid Information. Remember your User ID and Password.



Attendance Sheet

Release of Information Form

Midterm Student Progress Report Students must report their academic standing by mid term to the Tribal Education Department

Needs Analysis Form Due before March 31 for fall semester. December 1 for winter quarter/spring semester.

Plan of Study Students must submit a plan of study by mid term of the 1st quarter/semester.

Semester Plan of Study Student must submit a Semester Plan of Study