Reminder the Wednesday before the regular scheduled meeting is the cut off to get your agenda request in. NO EXCEPTIONS so tribal members can see what’s on agenda before the meeting.

District Term Email Address
Ashland District 2020-2024 Melissa Fisher
Ashland District 2022-2026 Eva_Foote
Birney District 2020-2024 Gwen Talawyma
Busby District 2020-2024 Norma Gourneau
Busby District 2022-2026 Torrey Davie
Lame Deer District 2020-2024 Silver LittleEagle
Lame Deer District 2022-2026 Donavan Limberhand
Lame Deer District 2022-2026 Melissa Lonebear
Lame Deer District 2018-2022 Nizhoni Friesz

Muddy District 2020-2024 Debra_Charette
Public Information Officer Chloe Ortega 477 - 4822
Federal Programs Information Manager Iola Woodenthigh 477 - 4843
Administrative Assistant Alicia Cano 477 - 4865

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